Tyler1 Sup Sup Ver 3.

Tyler1 Sup Sup Ver 3. - Meme Sound Effect Button for Soundboard



"NEW HAIRCUT I WIN YOU LOSE" I screamed as my bullies finish up the last touches on shaving my head bald in the bathroom. Too bad the teachers did not listen to my screams across the hallway (x9 report jungle no ganks). When they finally finish, I look in the mirror and I realize that I now, that I am bald, look like my favourite streamer, LOLTYLER1. Armed with this new look and my favourite "TOP GAP" tank, I CHARGE AGAINST MY BULLIES SCREAMING "I AM 1V9!!!" but they one-shotted me into the lockers. Dopa down, should've ff'ed go next...

#tyler1,#league of legends,#rank 1

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