Community Guidelines

Our code of conduct and your pledge to be an upstanding member of the Tuna community.

Last updated: January 18, 2023
Community Guidelines

At Voicemod, we want to give people the power to sound how they want to sound and to create more entertaining moments. But even more importantly, Voicemod is People-first. That means that Tuna is a space for our community to share their best content with each other in a fun and inclusive way.

General Guidelines

The sounds on Tuna should bring people joy. Whether you are teasing your teammate (or yourself) for missing a point-blank shot or celebrating your victory over a marauding band of orcs, the sound effects in Tuna’s Community Content should be friendly, lighthearted, and fun, and should never intentionally try to make a person or group of people feel threatened or unsafe.

Supported Languages

Tuna currently supports Community Content in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Hindi. That’s because in order to be able to check whether a sound matches our Community Guidelines, we need to be able to speak and understand that language! For this reason, uploading Community Content sounds in other languages might result in your sound unfairly getting unlisted if someone reports them. But please know that we are working hard to expand the languages our team covers, and we welcome feedback on which languages you think we should add next!

Accurate Information

The name, tags, and description you give your sounds should always be accurate, and should give people a general idea of what they will get if they click “play”. We know it might be funny to send your friend a mysterious sound called “hi” that will blast their ears with a loud air horn, but someone else might not find it as funny. So, if you want to upload something to the Tuna community, please make sure the sound information is super clear.

No Real Violence

We mentioned video games, TV shows, and movies violence is allowed, but if a sound or image refers to real violence, it is not allowed. That means no glorifying terrorist, criminal, or hate groups, no threatening real people, no suggesting self-harm as a solution in any way shape, or form, and certainly, no ripping the audio from gore clips and posting them to Community Content. Full stop.

No Hateful Content

We mentioned it earlier, but one more time for the people in the back - Community Content should never intentionally try to make a person or group of people feel threatened, unsafe, or insulted. That means no slurs (unless reappropriated and/or used self-referentially), no using a protected class (age, gender, gender expression, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, nationality, religion, etc.) as an insult, no implying that one group is better or worse than another group, no dehumanization of any group.

Respect Privacy

No posting someone’s personal information (name, address, photo, etc.) without their permission, no recording people without their permission and posting to Tuna.

No Spam

No intentionally uploading the same or similar sounds over and over again.

No Fake Engagement

No incentivizing people to engage with sounds, no bots engaging with sounds.

No Illegal Stuff

If it would get you in trouble with the law, it would be a good idea not to put it on Tuna.